Friday, 24 January 2020
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New noise insulating element for lifts

At the interlift 2019, PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH demonstrated its new Jordahl brand structure-borne noise insulating element for acoustic decoupling of lifts.

Jordahl’s new JAI lift insulation has been available since october. (Photo: © PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH)

Jordahl’s lift insulation JAI reduces airborne noise pollution in neighbouring rooms by up to 12dB and as a result is intended to set high standards in the acoustic decoupling of lifts. It consists of several steel and elastomer panels, arranged in a sandwich structure that reduces the structure-borne noise transmitted.

Mounted between the lift guidance rail and shaft wall, the product reduces structure-borne noise and as a result the noise pollution in neighbouring rooms. For example, the element provides more security in achieving noise insulation targets for those involved in construction in accordance with the enhanced noise insulation requirements of DIN 8989. According to Jordahl, architects obtain greater design-/usage options for rooms adjacent to the lift shaft.

Two-layer lift shaft designs intended to cut structure-borne noise reduce the usable space and are often difficult to realise in practice. The company points out that the simple attachment of the JAI lift insulation to Jordahl anchor rails constituted an economic alternative.

More effective usage of space

The load-bearing capacity of the overall system by means of mounting on the approved Jordahl anchor rails was demonstrable in full. Planners and builders would benefit from increased reliability and efficiency in reducing the noise level in lift shafts.

Additional expense from reworking to achieve contractually specified noise insulation targets could already be avoided in the planning phase. Moreover, thanks to the insulating element, the noise insulation targets could also be reached for rooms requiring protection adjacent to the lift shaft.

As Jordahl pointed out, this ensured even more effective usage of space in the building. "Residents will enjoy enhanced comfort in their homes thanks to the lower noise pollution and can still have access to all the advantages of a modern lift."

Expansion of the field of application of lift shafts

To provide customers with easier orientation in the extensive shopping basket of PohlCon, the products of the brands PUK, Jordahl and H-BAU Technik have been combined in application fields.

The Jordahl JAI lift insulation represents another product in the lift shaft application field. This also includes products from the areas of sealing, attachment and cable suspension systems.

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