Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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New Silent Move Compact digital shaft copying system

In addition to incremental and absolute encoders, Wachendorff also supplies specially developed digital shaft positioning systems for the elevator / lift industry.

(Photo: © Wachendorff Automation)

Now the company has succeeded in further compressing the electronics and mechanics of the Silent Move toothed belt system and reducing them to the essentials. The result is the Silent Move Compact system.

Maximum operational reliability and easy installation

HandwerkThe intelligent design with encoder, pre-assembled toothed pulley and idler pulley as well as the optimally dimensioned vibration dampers ensure maximum operational reliability and easy installation.

The very smooth running special toothed belt is securely guided out of the toothed pulley and tensioning roller. The open design minimizes the work steps of the assembly and simplifies the safe insertion of the toothed belt.

Save time and space with the system

Due to the open system and the mounting bracket with its four slotted holes, an optimal attachment to the elevator car is easy to achieve, according to Wachendorff.

HandwerkThe pre-assembled tensioning roller prevents incorrect adjustment during operation and eliminates the need to adjust the tensioning roller during installation because the correct tension of the toothed belt is ensured by the supplied spring.

• Guided belt measuring systen
• Very compact design
• Absolute position of the elevator car
• Optimized silencing
• Can be combined with many standard encoders of the series WDGA 58B (absolute) or WDGI 58B (incremental)

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