Saturday, 22 February 2020
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The Formula 1 of smoke detection

At the interlift, BlueKit has presented the next generation of linear smoke detectors. The new LiftBeam.F1 is to convince by an even faster mounting and commissioning as well as lower initial and recurrent costs.

(Photo: © BlueKit)

When it comes to monitoring smoke in lift shafts, the geometry and usage of said shafts bring their own sort of challenge. The detector must not only be able to reliably measure the shaft’s air volume, but also have the size to fit in between the shaft wall, other components in the shaft and the lift cabin.

Nowadays, three types of smoke detection are usually used:
- Aspirating smoke detectors;
- Point-type smoke detectors based on the scattered light principle;
- And linear smoke detectors based on the transmitted light principle.

Advantages and disadvantages

HandwerkEach of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For point-type and aspirating smoke detectors, greater lift shaft heights increase the expenses in materials, installation and maintenance, which in turn increase the acquisition and operating costs.

Meanwhile, for linear smoke detectors, the acquisition and operating costs are fixed since only two elements have to be installed (in the shaft head and pit respectively) regardless of the shaft’s height. This makes the linear detector LiftBeam from BlueKit the ideal smoke detection system for medium and long lift shafts. "Thanks to that, the lift industry has been using the tried and true system for a long time", says BlueKit.

The next generation: faster, higher, further

Faster installation as well as adjustment and launching procedures have been made radically easier: Instead of having to install the beam head and controls separately, the LiftBeam.F1 integrates all these components inside one single, small casing. The automatic alignment now only needs a few seconds instead of a whole minute up until now.

Greatly improved flexibility: Thanks to its innovative technology, the new LiftBeam.F1 fits into every lift shaft, however cramped it might be, and is thus suitable for any and all sort of project.

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