Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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BIM and automation in the lift industry

At the interlift 2019 DigiPara presented their latest software solutions for lift companies and component manufacturers.

Andreas Fleischmann (left), CEO DigiPara AG, presented today's BIM tools for lifts also in the VFA Forum at the interlift. (Photo: © Sandra Eisenbarth/DigiPara)

To meet future customers’ needs, DigiPara has improved the BIM functionality of DigiPara Liftdesigner 2020. New features allow easy delivery of the exact BIM model of the lift needed by the architect.

LOI: predefined property sets like COBie and IFC4 can easily be added and completed on a project basis.

LOD: DigiPara Liftdesigner comes with a predefined configuration sheet for each Level of Development (LOD). These are the typical LOD values 100,00,300,350,400 and 500.

IFC 4.0: DigiPara Liftdesigner now supports two different IFC exports: the legacy IFC 2.3 and IFC 4.0

IfcOpeningElement: The IFC 4 file also contains all required wall openings of your lift.

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