Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Lift solutions based on rigid chain technology

At the interlift 2019, Serapid for the first time presented a fully functional car lift from the new product portfolio of the new Serapid Lift Systems brand.

At the interlift 2019, Serapid for the first time presented a fully functional car lift. (Photo: © Christopher Böhm / Spectral New Media Production GmbH)

With a payload of 5.0 tons and a real acceptance according to EN 81 20 / 50, this car lift is intended to be exemplary for a completely new series of cargo, car, truck and special lifts. As a result, it is intended to set new, forward-looking standards in the heavy duty segment of lift technology.

All of Serapid Lift Systems’ lifts operate with Serapid rigid chain technology. This means drive technology constitutes a special kind of actuators developed and produced inside the company. Rigid chain technology has advantages compared to other conveyance methods.

Far less energy required

Operation of the drives is purely mechanical, they can be installed in very cramped spaces and makes almost no demands on the building fabric in operation. The lifting columns are capable of continuously variable stops and can be positioned to the milli­metre without rebounding.

HandwerkRigid chain technology operates reliably here and does not require much maintenance. "Their sturdiness and high energy efficiency makes them a sustainable, environmentally friendly and simultaneously economically efficient solution for every area of application in lift technology,"

Serapid stressed. The technology permits the same conveyance performance as conventional systems at a low conveyance speed. At the same time, it requires far less energy.

Serapid becomes also lift builder

All of the lift systems meet the requirements of the EN 81 standard series. The normal programme covers a comprehensive range of conveyance technology as well as all platforms and cars in every normal size. In addition, there is a wide range of surface materials, door versions and operating elements.

Serapid Lift Systems has its own especially efficient and flexible actuator technology in the form of the rigid chain. Consequently, the lifts open up completely new options for intra-logistics in buildings and installations.

For the first time, Serapid appeared at the interlift with a brand presentation of its own as "Serapid Lift Systems." By doing so, the company – to date a component supplier for various industrial sectors – has now presented itself on the market as a lift builder as a lift builder and with immediate effect provides ready-to-use solutions.

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