Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Schaefer presented innovations at interlift

Given its international importance, the interlift is also the most important trade fair in Schaefer’s calendar. Consequently, many innovations were again presented at its modern and redesigned booth.

SCHAEFER Interlift trade fair booth 2019 – BASIC - INDIVIDUAL - UNIQUE. (Photo: © SCHAEFER GmbH, Dirk Lauterwasser)

"Endless Solutions – from Basic to Unique" was SCHAEFER’s motto in presenting the wide range of its products, from price-sensitive commodity projects to highly specialised tailor-made solutions. "We’re used to being called in when someone needs a table with five legs," is the picture painted by Marlène Dichamp, in charge of the French market.

But SCHAEFER also has attractive solutions on offer in its standard (BASIC) product range. Thanks to the high degree of standardisation, price benefits can be generated and passed onto customers. In addition, the BASIC products are outstandingly suitable for online sales. Since the interlift took place, entire control panel families with display, call and control panels are available from stock via the SCHAEFER web shop (shop4lifts.com) and ready for despatch within 24 hours.


HandwerkThe high degree of flexibility in configuration and component selection provided by SCHAEFER can be found in the "INDIVIDUAL" section. "What is ‘special’ for our customers is part of our standard," explained Klaus Trumpa from product management. "Our processes are designed to enable us to build customised products of consistent quality from a batch size of one. We enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to our enormous bandwidth of diverse components."

As a result, suitable products can be found for every requirement, e.g. for areas at risk of vandalism, barrier-free use or for easier maintenance and care or lift modernisation. At the same time, components are becoming increasingly intelligent and digitalised. The company’s advanced pre-wiring expertise for a multitude of common controllers permits time-saving plug-and-play solutions.

New ultra-flat components which can be used in the SlimLine and Corona control panels, among others, were presented. Apart from the only 10 mm deep Style 37 buttons and displays, flat TFT displays, voice announcement modules, loudspeaker-microphone combinations, acoustic confirmation, gongs, loudspeakers and CANopen nodes were also presented. These can all be installed without openings in control panels only 12 mm deep.

21 new TFT displays

HandwerkThere have been many changes in the display portfolio as well. SCHAEFER has launched 21 new TFT displays in recent months. These include the ultra-flat 5 and 7" TFT models, a new 10.4" TFT and the next generation of the Media TFT flex family (10.1 to 38"), whose most striking new additions are the 29" and 38" panorama displays.

Presentation of the "Corona" control panel series announced for the beginning of 2020 was given an extremely positive reception. The flush-installation control panels with circumferential illumination, just 14 mm deep provide pleasant light accents in front of and in the car.

Remotely operated buttons

Great interest was also shown in the remotely operated buttons. They permit remote electrical and mechanical function checks. This eliminates the need for checks on the spot by a lift attendant. The remotely operated alarm buttons (FB) are available in the MT 42, RT 42 and B 50 Q/R versions.

In the UNIQUE section, cast bronze, glass and natural stone control panels dominated the booth. They were exemplary of the unique custom solutions, high quality materials, excellent service and tailor-made customer solutions characteristic of this product range. SCHAEFER has developed know-how that is unique worldwide in the course of its 55-year history. The guiding principle has always been that there’s no such thing as can’t be done.

Virtual experience

HandwerkVisitors were able to enter various 3D-generated car interiors with the help of VR headsets and select material or glass designs. SCHAEFER plans to deploy this technology in the future in order to provide virtual support in the sales and advice process between customers and end customers for UNIQUE products.

You are welcome to explore the SCHAEFER trade fair booth retrospectively here.


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