Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Measurement equipment for the lift of the future

The rope-operated lift technology of the near future will no longer require any micro switches for brake release monitoring.

The new KCI 419 Dplus encoder provides position values for motor feedback, distance values for brake release monitoring and temperature data for brake monitoring. (Photo: © Heidenhain)

This is because the new Heidenhain lift encoder KCI 419 Dplus not only supplies position values as motor feedback for the lift controller, but also additional information for brake monitoring.

Heidenhain unveiled the new KCI 419 Dplus at the interlift 2019 – the "lift encoder of the future." According to the company, it provided great additional availability and security, because in addition to the motor feedback, it monitored the safety brake and temperature. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive online self-diagnosis. Expense for previously necessary micro switches, such as mounting, cabling, rectification and maintenance are eliminated.

Relevant data for temperature monitoring

Not only can the inductive lift encoder KCI 419 Dplus provide position values in the rotational direction, it also provides values on the distance in the axial direction. Coupling the anchor disc of the brake mechanically with the KCI 419 Dplus enables the encoder to detect the brake stroke. The subsequent electronics can use this data to deduce the brake status – whether open or closed – and the brake wear.

Thanks to its direct proximity to the motor and to the brakes, the KCI 419 Dplus encoder can also supply relevant data for temperature monitoring – again without additional sensors. This data also permits drawing conclusions about malfunctions.

Cabling the entire system is much easier, since all parameters are transmitted via a cable with the purely serial interface EnDat 2.2. According to Heidenhain, additional advantages were better options for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. In addition, the KCI 419 Dplus is resistant to soiling and vibration.

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