Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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New door controller for maintenance and monitoring

Siemens presented Sirius and Sidoor product family applications for lifts and escalators at the interlift. Special emphasis was placed here on the new Sidoor AT40 CAN ADV door controller.

The new Sidoor AT40 CAN ADV door controller with expanded diagnosis options thanks to the additional status data via CANopen bus. (Photo: © Siemens AG)

It is intended to provide expanded diagnosis options thanks to additional status data. More than twenty pieces of additional operating and maintenance data are provided at the CANbus in the form of SDO and MPDO data, such as operating data like the number of door cycles or detailed maintenance data, including the mechanical energy within the skate route in the closing direction.

As a result, the SDO/MPDO data is available to the lift controller or any other participant as MPDO data. According to Siemens, as a result of this remote maintenance data available at the CANopen bus, the condition of the lift doors is known and status-oriented or even preventive maintenance can be provided.

Feature could reduce failures

Failures of lifts are frequently due to door mechanism wear. This feature could greatly reduce these. In combination with the information from the main controller, the data can for example be encrypted according to floors or presented building-wide by means of a web server and WLAN.

In order to administer several locations, the service parameters and status reports of all of the lift data can be transmitted to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system of Siemens, and evaluated worldwide.

This evaluation is possible for components of all manufacturers at the CANopen bus with corresponding support of the CiA lift profile 417. The existing MindApps provide support in status-oriented maintenance and the preparation of preventive maintenance concepts.


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