Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Energy-saving system for smoke extraction

The smoke and heat extraction and ventilation specialist Aumüller Aumatic presented the BTR Lift-Smoke-Free (LSF), an energy-saving system for smoke extraction and ventilation of lift shafts, at the interlift.

The ready-to-install stainless steel roof hood combines all important functions of smoke extraction, ventilation and building standards approval with functional design. (Photo: © Aumüller Aumatic GmbH)

BTR Lift-Smoke-Free closes the previously customary permanent opening in the shaft head and in this way saves about 15,000 kWh in energy annually in the case of an average-sized lift. A smoke extraction flap in the roof or façade automatically opens in the event of fire. The system can be used for controlled natural ventilation of the lift shaft in normal operation.

BTR Lift-Smoke-Free has a combined licence, consisting of a general building standards licence and general building type approval of the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) and meets the requirements of the federal state building codes for ventilation and smoke extraction of lift shafts. A potential-free contact to the controller of the system permits both an evacuation trip according to DIN EN 81-73 as well as an extended static fire control system according to VDI 6017.

Flexible deployment

HandwerkVentilation and smoke extraction are possible via both the roof as well as via the façade with the BTR Lift-Smoke-Free. Slatted windows with 24 V motors, certified according to DIN EN 12101-2, are built into the roof hood and façade element.

The ready-to-install stainless steel roof hood combines the all-important functions of smoke extraction, ventilation and building standards approval with functional design. Additional protection by means of wind-rain automation is not required.

Smoke detection in the lift shaft occurs in the standard manner via smoke detectors according to EN 54-7, which are linked up with the LSF control centre. Alternatively, an onsite fire alarm system according to EN 54-2 along with a smoke extraction system can also be used. Both versions are covered by the building standards approval for BTR Lift-Smoke-Free.

Fast and easy mounting

In the event of a lift malfunction or during maintenance work, the roof or façade elements are opened by the lift controller via a potential-free contact to the ventilation. Irrespective of this, appropriate ventilation can be activated via the air quality or temperature sensors.

Mounting the BTR Lift-Smoke-Free is fast and easy. Cable routing to the LSF control centre is possible from all sides. Batteries for an emergency power supply of at least 72 hours are included as standard in delivery. Thanks to the preconfigured software and sensibly adjusted standard parameters, start-up is also rapid, according to Aumüller Aumatic.


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