Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Compact powerhouse

Now it’s here: The simalube Impulse is the ideal supplement to the proven simalube lubricant dispenser – wherever high pressure is required. The simalube Impulse effortlessly overcomes counter-pressures up to 10 bar and as a result is the perfect solution for high counter-pressure and long lubrication lines.


Simply mount the simalube Impulse on the lubrication point, screw on the desired lubricant dispenser and activate the desired running time. The simalube Impulse does not require any additional settings and the LED display shows you its functional readiness at all times. Once it is completely empty, the simalube Impulse can be reused several times by being fitted with a new simalube lubricant dispenser and a new battery pack.

Reliable lubrication

Together with the simalube lubricant dispensers in the sizes 60, 125 or 250 ml, the simalube Impulse ensures reliable lubrication at high counter-pressure and in lubricant lines up to 4 m long. Continuous lubrication impulses supply the lubrication point with 0.5 ml oil or grease up to NLGI 2 at a pressure of up to 10 bar.

HandwerkThis conserves the lubricant, since only the dosage quantity is under pressure. Moreover, the intelligent pressure booster provides continual information on the current operating condition. When flawlessly installed, the LED display of the simalube Impulse flashes green at regular intervals. Red flashing indicates overpressure, standstill or emptiness.

Easy installation and operation

As soon as the battery pack has been inserted and the lubricant dispenser screwed in, the simalube Impulse is put into operation. The simalube lubricant dispenser serves as timer. Its runtime setting can be corrected at any time and the simalube Impulse adjusts automatically to the new dispenser setting.

When the lubricant dispenser is changed, the simalube Impulse remains firmly installed on the lubrication point. A new battery pack only needs to be inserted before a new simalube lubricant dispenser is screwed on. Consequently, the connection point remains tight during the dispenser change; no lubricant runs back.


The compact design of the simalube Impulse permits it to be installed in very cramped spaces and in all locations, even under water. This is because as an IP 68 protection class device the pressure booster is dust- and watertight and suitable for use in all kinds of industrial sectors. After being fitted in each case with a new battery pack, the simalube Impulse can be used for ten simalube 125 ml dispensers or for about three years.

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