Sunday, 19 January 2020
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New service centre in Schwerin

The lift company Schindler has opened a new service centre in Schwerin. Ten employees are now looking after Schindler customers in Schwerin and its surroundings from the capital of Mecklenburg West Pomerania.


There are seven service technicians alone who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of lifts and escalators in the region. Service director Christian Steinigk is responsible for the service business in Schwerin.

Represented by over 60 locations in Germany

Schindler’s customer service network has become even more tightly meshed with the new location. The lift company had already opened a service centre in Potsdam in March and as a result is now represented by over 60 locations in Germany. There are already Schindler branches in Neubrandenburg and Rostock in Mecklenburg West Pomerania.

HandwerkThe technicians are equipped with a "digital toolbox” – an iPhone. This means all relevant information is constantly available to the service technicians. If information is needed about a lift model or an error code, or if specialist has to be consulted or a modernisation offer despatched, this is quickly achieved with the help of special apps.

Spare parts can be ordered on the spot like this and delivered overnight to the car of the technician. And if anyone should get stuck in a lift, the technician is informed who happens to be in the vicinity.

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