Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Tailor-made car

A complete lift, delivered in one piece and which nevertheless provides a high degree of customisation, ranks high on the list of what all lift builders would like. Now it is here.


As with every job, the first question at the beginning of a lift project is also what the customer wants. Do aesthetic considerations take pride of place, in order to give an old building a new look? Is it to make the upper floors accessible, in order to boost the value of the property? Or achieving a higher volume of passengers, to reduce long waiting times for lifts in office and public buildings?

Once the lift concept has been established, what counts in the next step is adroit coordination of the individual suppliers and interfaces. The lift builder’s most important drawcard in this project phase is his know-how regarding the selection of various components, the appropriate drive, doors and car and the smooth interaction of all of these elements.

Realising individual customer wishes

Riedl from Feldkirchen near Munich is one of the companies on the market capable of realising on its own premises the individual requirements of lift builders’ regarding lift cars. From 3D design at a CAD workplace to production using computer-controlled industrial lasers, edging and further processing up to pre-assembly, Riedl is able to realise solutions for the individual wishes of its customers down to the last millimetre quickly and economically.

Consequently in 2012 it was an obvious step for Riedl to bundle all of its expertise in a new product as a logical supplement to its modern door product range, which since then has found a firm place in its order books, known simply as the "Riedl car.” "Tailor-made production has always been our credo. Our employees’ know-how permits us to produce especially economically and even on site, without rigid production lines. Only a few manufacturers are in a position to do this,” explained Peter Andrä, Riedl’s managing partner.

Multitude of variation options

HandwerkThe Riedl car includes a multitude of variation options. It permits flexible dimensions in depth, width and height, as desired by the customer. There are also almost no limits in terms of surfaces. Each lift project should as far as possible be realised as the customer imagined it, from simple electrolytically galvanised cars for industrial use and the popular stainless steel car to wood-panelled or individual titanium-finish cars. Almost any option you like is possible when it comes to combinations for ceiling, floor, mirror, handrail and other details.

Riedl dispenses completely with sound insulation mats in its cars and instead relies on modern bonding techniques, analogous to the ground-breaking design of its LIZ 3.0 narrow sliding door series. A steel profile mounted on the generously dimensioned 1.5 mm bulkhead prevents unpleasantly loud vibration of the car walls and provides the whole car with unusually high strength.

"Lift doors and the car are responsible for the first impression a passenger has of a lift. As a manufacturer we can make an impression best here with an attractive appearance and high quality finishing,” explained Martin Grabmayer, sales director for lift doors and cars at Riedl.

Assembled quickly and easily

Customised production of the car desired with the latest machinery also simplifies the car assembly for lift builders enormously. The structure consisting of several bulkheads with the Riedl clamping wedge system permits fast assembly, even under building site conditions. The folded edges of the individual bulkheads fit in effortlessly into each other.

This guarantees high strength and simultaneously avoids light-permeable joints in the car. "The construction of the car should be as simple as the assembly of a cupboard from a self-service furniture store despite the high degree of customisation,” explained Grabmayer.

Lift builders profit from the effortless interaction of all components in tailor-made car: smooth logistics, shorter assembly times and more choice in components for their customers ensure clear competitive advantages.

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