Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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The universal lift emergency call system

Amphitech has developed a new generation of lift emergency call devices called TAU. Like the device series PTU 80 and TM2, Amphitech’s newly developed lift emergency call device TAU has been found to be technically suitable by Deutsche Telekom for use on the NGN (next generation network).


Consequently, it can also be used on next generation analogue connections as well as the previously customary connection media – analogue telephone line, GSM and IP transformer. Up to eight TAU devices can be connected in parallel to one communication connection.

Synergy of the tried-and-tested functions of the PTU series

The special performance features of this new device generation are the convenient, fast voice-controlled programming of the devices and integrated battery buffering according to EN 81-28. Additional interesting features of the TAU 01 are the calming text announcement, the identification text announcement for the call recipient and integrated audio amplifier, which permits sound transmission to the lift from the lift car roof without the need for loudspeakers in the car.

TAU 01 meets all EN 81-28 relevant requirements and behaves in terms of use like all the previous known PTU devices, especially operation and installation, just a tad more conveniently. Thanks to mounting on the lift car roof and the clamp connections now used, the TAU 01 now permits the replacement of various older PTU devices without the elaborate replacement of loudspeaker and microphone modules.

TAU 01, the synergy of the tried-and-tested functions of the PTU series, very easy and fast mounting and suitability for future means of communication, make the new Amphitech emergency call generation of interest both for new construction as well as for modernisation and retrofitting.


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