Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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Voice emergency call also optical – multilingual texts

If people with speech or hearing impediments are trapped in a lift, they need a special emergency call system. Telegärtner has developed one with optical presentation.

A multilingual screen for operation – in the emergency call system from Telegärtner. (Photo: © Telegärtner)

Telegärtner Elektronik accepted the challenge of how people with hearing or speech impediments can exchange information with the control centre in the event of their being trapped via the emergency call equipment. How can the trapped people get quick and uncomplicated help?

The result of the innovative work is the development of a unique combination of voice emergency call and optical presentation, especially for people with these restrictions. The TÜV-certified visual emergency call system HBN provides passengers with a considerable added value in safety, which lift operators also participate in.

Multilingual expansion

Communication controlled by the control centre occurs with the trapped people via especially designed text modules. Misunderstandings are almost precluded by answering closed questions via a touchscreen.

The HBN underwent multilingual expansion to provide an increased feeling of safety to people who only have limited domestic language familiarity. Apart from numerous European languages, the texts are also available in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The desired language can be selected effortlessly and individually via the respective flag symbol; the translation was made by a recognised company for foreign language communication. As a result, Telegärtner has made a small, but still important contribution to our multicultural society.

To enable you to provide the visual emergency call system HBN to your customers and passengers as a complete solution, Telegärtner also provides the transmission path required, including connection to its own 24/7-staffed emergency call and service control centre.


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