Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Investing in homelifts

Etna France, familiar under its export brand name EtnaLift, invented the lift for private households in 1986 and the private lift with direct hydraulic drive in 2008.

(Photo: © Etna Lift)

"The time has come to imagine the flat as changeable living area. Our accommodation has to be constructed so that it can be adjusted to the development of family life - a couple, a couple with children, a retired couple," according to the conviction of the managing director of Etna France and EtnaLift, Vincent Bronze.

"Recent studies indicate that Europeans want to live at home for longer, even if they inevitably lose their independence. Consequently, Etna France is convinced that it can simplify life for homeowners by making it easier for them to get about in their home."

Direct hydraulic lift

EtnaLift’s private lift consists of aluminium guide rails, a hydraulic cylinder, a very compact and quiet switch cabinet, a car accommodated in a walled shaft, automatic door opening on every floor and a smooth-walled inner cladding along the entire conveyance height.

The trip is facilitated by frictionless progressive start and stop positions thanks to the frequency variation, which is controlled via the electrohydraulic motor pump unit. The cylinder is connected with the car and as result does not need any additional equipment, such as cables, ropes or chains. It is what is called a direct hydraulic lift.

Barrier-free living and accommodation

HandwerkThis technology has enabled EtnaLift to install a manual- and 100%-mechanical emergency discharge (without electrical energy or battery) by means of a lever in the car.

The lever is already integrated in the operating panel. It is only activated in emergencies if the private customer has got stuck between two levels, e.g. due to a power failure. The customer can free himself without outside help. This concept was especially developed for private individuals and introduces safety and convenience into the home.

EtnaLift produces the automatic landing doors for each floor in Normandy. For aesthetic purposes and design, the automation and motor of the landing doors is integrated directly on the aluminium door profile The doors open and close automatically.

Energy-saving operation

Ten minutes after using the private lift, the power supply system of all electrical components is shut down, leading to energy saving and a low CO2 balance sheet. If the user would like to travel with the home lift, he just has to press the button of the landing door and the private lift begins to run again. One aim of EtnaLift is to reduce negative environmental effects.

This standard equipment will be available in every lift from 1 March. In addition, EtnaLift's home lift requires very little oil: just 1 litre per metre. Proof of this biologically-degradable oil was provided with the CECL-33-A-93 method and certified.

No one can ignore the fact that the age pyramid has reversed in European countries (the United Kingdom, Germany, France, etc.). In fact, the aging of the European population, coupled with longer life expectancy, is in the long run transforming its living and consumption habits. These profound changes have impelled EtnaLift to export its product range of private lifts to Europe and the whole world.

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