Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Just measure it…

Averdi is currently doing an ‘enlightenment’ tour throughout Germany with a mobile load measurement system and calibrated and certified scale.

Mobile load measurement system in standard design. (Photo: © Averdi)

Over the many years that Averdi has offered Lastmess system on the market, the following has been noticed: Customers keep calling because they find that measurements on ropes are not as expected. Deviations are detected that do not match the data in the data sheet. Why is that? Is it the wrong product? Is the product good for nothing? Are we doing something wrong? No no no! Neither.

Algorithms can compensate for errors

Basically, the products of course work with the tolerances specified in the data sheet. But an elevator car is not just hanging in the ropes or is not just on the frame.

HandwerkThe cabins could be jammed in the rails, or the ropes have high tolerances. The traction sheave holds the ropes or, or, or. Several of these circumstances can work in parallel and multiply the error.

Error curves and algorithms stored in the software can compensate for errors. So how exactly are the systems? The company owner, who still enjoys the product after 36 years in the lift industry, believes that pictures say more than 1,000 words. For this reason Averdi has decided on a very special measure; We start an enlightenment tour. The office vehicle is ready to go.

Tour through Germany until the end of may

Equipped with a mobile load measuring system and a calibrated and certified scale, a tour through Germany is started for the period from the beginning of april to the end of may. It is possible to perform measurements using the mobile system, which can be checked with the calibrated balance. This allows deviations to be documented. The result can be used by the interested party for his further planning.

For the use of the calibrated system, the crane scale must be suspended in. The cabin is then hung with slack rope to the scale. The effort of the interested party lies in the provision of his time and the assembly staff for the work involved. Travel costs, material and time of Averdi are of course free of charge in the context of customer service. If you are interested, you can register by phone via e-mail or via the website.


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