Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Made in Germany: the home lift kit

Thanks to the patented 6:1 linear axis drive and a remote control ECO controller, lift builders can benefit from the home lift growth market.

(Photo: © New Lift GmbH)

Everyone is familiar with them: the stair lift adverts in magazines directed at older age groups. Manufacturers of this means of conveyance are also very active in the social media, such as Facebook. No wonder, since the demand for stair lifts is growing as our society ages.

Specialist for drive technology

Therefore, it is all the more surprising that at first glance German lift builders have rather neglected this lucrative segment. There were good reasons for this: on the one hand, home lifts used to be far more expensive than stair lifts, making the target group correspondingly small. On the other, there were obstacles in terms of the drive and control technology for this kind of lift. To date, those interested in German quality had to go away empty-handed.

HandwerkBut a lot has happened in the meantime. The price gap between stair and home lifts is closing – the latter are becoming affordable and as a result are ceasing to be a niche segment. Moreover, the technology has made a quantum leap.

Among other things, this is to the credit of Piconorm, based on the Mosel in western Germany. As a specialist for drive technology, the company has developed a home lift kit that can be fitted within a few hours.

The drive is almost maintenance-free

The core of this wonder is the newly-developed, worldwide unique 6:1 linear axis drive. Depending on the model, the car can as a result be moved up to a conveyance height of 12 m. Moreover, the drive system manages without hydraulic oil and counterweight. The flat belts serve as load-carrying gear and are already cut to length and installed on delivery.

HandwerkThe drive is almost maintenance-free and – among other things, thanks to galvanised parts – a model of high quality German workmanship. There is also a consistent reliance on Made in Germany when it comes to control technology. As the first German manufacturer, New Lift has not only developed the home lift ECO controller, but also the associated MyEco app. In this way, the lift can be operated remotely via mobile devices.

Behind the home lift kit is not only German engineering skill, but also naturally corresponds to the applicable regulations of the European Machinery Directive (EN81-41), the EC type approval test and the requirements of the CE test. In this way, Piconorm and New Lift can lay the foundation for German lift builders being at home in the home lift segment.

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