Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Langer & Laumann has a new website

The new website of Langer & Laumann Ing.-Büro GmbH is online: in honour of its 20th anniversary, the company has modernised its presence in the World Wide Web with a fresh new design.

Among other things, the new image film on the modernised website of Langer & Laumann introduces the company team. (Photo: © Langer & Laumann Ing.-Büro GmbH/LIFTjournal)

"The aim of the new site, providing users with guidance through the pages that is even user-friendlier and better structured, has been realised in full," the company from Nordwalde (Germany) revealed. The layout, in line with the new corporate design that has also been realised in the print area, is almost familiar.

Easy processing of product orders

The new website is intended to provide specialists on the spot with a clear and convenient introduction to the complete portfolio of products and services and facilitates easy processing of product orders from the entire range.

Among other things, identifying lift doors has been simplified by means of clear navigation. The information desired can be obtained with just a few clicks.

Moreover, the company has presented itself with a new image film "This is who we are" on the homepage. The video provides a brief portrait of Langer & Laumann and introduces the team.

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