Sunday, 19 January 2020
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RepKit: the fast, easy way to repair the car door drive

Most of the approximately 750,000 lifts in Germany are more than twenty years old. They are subject to natural wear and suffer more or less frequent malfunctions.

RepKit delivery of the conversion parts in two cartons with labelled package. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH)

One of the most frequent causes of malfunctions are the landing and car doors. These moving parts are in direct contact with users. Consequently, they are exposed to vandalism and increased wear.

Car doors handle most lift journeys, since after all, they "catch" the corresponding landing doors at the stop through a mechanical system (catch or skate). As a result, the door drive with its many components is subject to a great deal of stress and an associated susceptibility to malfunctioning.

Many different, manufacturer-specific door drives and door drive systems are installed on the market. These often also vary within manufacturers.

Keeping the downtime as short as possible

If a door drive fails, it normally happens suddenly and without prior warning. As a result, the entire lift is out of order. The top priority is now keeping the downtime as short as possible and getting the lift back into operation with a fast repair.

Ideally, this repair should be organised by the supplier of the new drive to ensure that
• by means of simple and convincing assembly instructions, for both the demounting of the defective parts
• as well as the mounting of the new components, all work steps are clear and self-explanatory for the service technician on the spot and can be implemented without any problems
• all of the parts included in the delivery are labelled clearly and capable of being correctly allocated.

This is precisely what Meiller's RepKit is designed for. RepKits are repair kits for one-to-one replacement of precisely-defined, defective car door drives of various manufacturers. They have been developed for the most common drives on the market.

Same structure

These RepKits consist of two cartons each in which all parts for renewal of the defective drive are included. If the old drive was fitted with an expanding skate, a corresponding skate is of course included in the new repair kit.

These two cartons have the same structure in all of the different drives. Assembly instructions are included in which every part required for the conversion is numbered and described.

Step by step through all conversion details

Views accurate in every detail show which parts of the old drive have to be demounted, how the new parts are assembled in modules and these are then remounted on the old transom. To aid understanding, a short video is also filed for the conversion via QR code.

Meiller guides the service technician step by step through all details of the conversion up to the attachment points of the new drive concept on the existing car door transom. For this, the assembly instructions also include a corresponding a hole pattern, showing down to the last millimetre where additional holes have to be drilled.

All RepKits are designed to enable an individual technician to carry out the repairs/conversion.

All RepKits are driven by the new MiDrive of Meiller with its well-known advantages:
• fast, easy start-up with an app on the smartphone - by scanning the QR code, the drive receives perfectly adjusted parameters
• secure connection to the controller via Bluetooth
• individual adjustment of the travel profile with the assistance of the app
• CanOpen interface standard
• Eco- and EcoPlus function always included
• display of error codes in clear text on the smartphone.

Meiller RepKits are currently offered for the most common door drive systems, but the product range is constantly being expanded. Meiller wants to provide repair kits for its customers that are fast and easy to assemble.

Meiller also has repair kits for conversion to cogged belt technology with the MiDrive drive system in its product range for door generations that are no longer on sale (TG 1 and 2). There are also kits for upgrading old MAT drives to the new technology. An overview of this can be found on the Meiller website in the spare parts catalogue.

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