Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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MiDrive – digitalisation is making progress

At interlift 2017, Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH unveiled its new MiDrive door drive to the world public. This is the beginning of a new chapter, according to the Munich company.

Uncomplicated spare parts storage – only one controller for every motor version. (Photo: © Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH)

Furthermore it is an important new step that has been taken towards a digital future for lift components

Since its sales launch in January this year, hundreds of car doors with this new drive have been delivered – with all motor versions (200 kg, 400 kg, 800 kg, ex-protected), for all kinds of door versions (horizontal sliding doors and vertical doors) and for all kinds deployments.

Start-up within a few moments

Practical experts regard the extremely easy start-up of the door as especially positive: by means of a special app, a QR code attached to the door impost at the factory is scanned with a smartphone. As a result, the drive is configured precisely for the current product and order specification and the learning trip begins automatically.

The start-up is over within a few moments. After this, if so desired, the settings and running behaviour of the door can be adjusted very simply and individually with the MiDrive app. This can occur from the inside of the car or the respective landing door; the technician does not have to get onto the car roof to do so.

MiDrive app in several languages

Many features are already included as standard and free of charge in the standard version of the MiDrive door drive. However, Meiller intends to further expedite the development. For example, additional features have now been added, which are intended to further enhance the user-friendliness.

HandwerkFor example, the MiDrive is now available in several languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian and Croatian. Adjustment to the respective language occurs automatically according to the default settings of the user’s smartphone.

The automatic configuration of the drive has also been improved: is a light grid connected? Light ON? Dark ON? Light grid bridged? Is an external lock connected? If possible, MiDrive learns the switching used as well as the accessories connected during the learning trip and automatically configures the corresponding parameters.

MiDrive controller with door lock connection

The MiDrive controller also has a door lock connection: external door locks can be controlled via this plug-in connection. As a result, the door drive assumes the function "closing" and "door locking" via the safety switch. It is no longer necessary to provide for triggering the electric lock on the controller side.

Thanks to this control of the lock, the drive notices if a door is unlocked by a technician, for example in the event of emergency rescue, and supports him in opening the door. If the contact of the lock is actuated manually, the door opens about 5 cm.

If the door is now moved by hand, the drive supports the movement of the door. If no movement occurs, the drive closes the automatically and locks it safely. During this scenario, door commands are ignored so that the technician can move the control independently of the control.

The contacts on the plug-in connection "door lock" (NC IN / +24V) are also queried without lock; as a result, emergency rescue can be initiated by a switch. This application is of interest if the door is so wide that two people would normally be needed to open the door.

"FingerGuard" is integrated.

Finally, the Meiller safety system "FingerGuard" (against the trapping of children’s hands in glass doors) is completely integrated in the MiDrive drive system: the controller recognises the precise position and speed of the door and in this way the braking manoeuvre can be precisely controlled and dosed.

As soon as a FingerGuard sensor detects an object, the door comes to a precise stop. The advantage of MiDrive: no separate brake box is required that needs to be manually configured.

Step for step further into the digital world – that is the motto for the MiDrive drive concept, emphasised the company, "And the way there is far from over, the specialists of Meiller still have lots more impulses and ideas."


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