Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Italian excellence lifts the world

Eight Italian companies took part in the event "Dubai Connecting People – Italian Excellence Lift the World". It offered the opportunity to build a bridge that connects business to opportunities for success.

Representatives of the eight Italian companies that presented the excellence "Made in Italy" in Dubai. (Photo: © Ilaria Mandelli/Giovenzana)

It was an international meeting focused on showing how the harmonized standards EN81.20 & EN81.50, GOST33984.1-2016, ABNT NBR 207-267 are a great opportunity for the lift market.

The event in Dubai was organized by Elettroquadri, Gefran, Giovenzana International B.V., Hydronic Lift, ICM, Montanari, Monteferro and Prisma. What drove eight Italian companies to meet in a business hub like Dubai? Fifty years ago, Dubai, as we see it today, did not even exist.

Innovation and success hub for the whole word

A city born in the desert thanks to the strong will to build something unique; an innovation and success hub for the whole word, defined also as "the world’s fastest city, transformed from an arid township into a vision of the future".

If we think of the rapid urbanization process affecting the whole world, the prospect of vertical cities is no longer a mirage and Dubai communicates this trend in a very clear way. And this is how Dubai Connecting People was born: looking to the future with the idea of the mutual exchange of experiences, ideas and projects.

Harmonized standards were taken as the basis for the content as the key factor in seizing business opportunities. Safety standards are undoubtedly the first step towards building successful projects. They are essential for global competitiveness and a guarantee for all stakeholders.

A real competitive advantage

HandwerkThe standards required by the most recent regulations are evolving towards a higher level of safety for both passengers and operators in the lift and escalator sector. The transfer and adoption of these best practices by the markets has become a real competitive advantage.

Dubai Connecting People offered the opportunity to create a bridge that connects business to opportunities for success. What benefits did being an exclusive member of the "Connecting People" Network offer participants?
- Excellent Made in Italy companies;
- Trusted partners able to support them on a global level;
- Solutions to grow their own business;
- Update on safety regulations;
- Excellent products;
- Consulting and integrated planning.

Real and successful case histories

To actively involve the participants, real and successful case histories were told by the eight partners. Facts talk and can tell what we have done and what we could do together. Each of the eight companies attending the event is an example of the excellence made in Italy in the production of components for lifts and escalators.

If we add to this a business vision oriented to integrated design, we obtain a mix of advantages and synergies for the customer: greater certainty in quality, reduction in time and costs searching for trusted partners, exchange of skills and knowledge transfer thanks to the continuous and reciprocal dialogue.

One standard, eight companies, one voice

The network provides the key to transferring value to current and potential customers. One standard, eight companies, one voice. High skills, knowledge of the market and opportunity are among the tools to seize opportunities successfully.

Now we’re ready to take the next steps! The first one will be in Istanbul in March. If you are interested in participating in the upcoming events or in more information, please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Giovenzana International B.V. can look back on a sixty-year success story. Today it is a point of reference for lift technology.

It is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015-certified – respecting the logic of sustainable development to protect the environment is central to its production processes.

Giovenzana’s solutions are the result of a careful examination of the requirements for industrial application components. They fully comply with international standards for enhancing safety both for lift passengers and service technicians. They embody general safety requirements for construction and installation.

The goal of Giovenzana International B.V. for the future is to develop technology and provide quality, always attentive to the safety of operators, users and components.

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