Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Serapid: new branch in Singapore

The Serapid Group has opened a new branch in Singapore. Robert Degenkolb, previously employed in a senior position at JR Clancy, will assume management of the office.

Iain Forbester (deputy head, business development), Emeric Labesse (CEO Serapid Group), Guillaume Davies (COO Serapid Group), Robert Degenkolb (Serapid SG, managing director) and Ivan Seigneur (Serapid SG, technical director) (from left to right). (Photo: © Serapaid)

Opening the branch was "Part of the international growth strategy Serapid has been pursuing consistently for several years," according to the manufacturer of lift and transfer systems. Setting up the new branch was a feature of Serapid’s growth plan and evidence of the increasingly successful activity of the Group in Asia.

Degenkolb has 32 years of experience in event industry, specifically in project management and sales as well as managing director in the last five years. He has been living in Singapore since 2011.

Degenkolb worked in international markets

In his previous position, Degenkolb worked as senior engineer on numerous projects in the USA, explained Serapid. In addition, he worked in international markets, among others, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

For the opening of the new branch, Ivan Seigneur, previously senior developer at Serapid France, will move to Singapore as technical director. The head of the Chinese sales office, Yu Rong Chen, now also reports to Degenkolb.

More service and support

The opening of the new branch corresponded with the effort to provide more service and support on the spot, explained Iain Forbester, deputy director for business development. "This is the first step to boosting our regional presence in Asia. Apart from sales and marketing activities, project planning and customer service in this key market is also to be expanded."

The company, with a workforce of 120 employees, generates 85 percent of its turnover from exports. According to Serapid, it offers "tailor-made solutions for vertical and horizontal load transfer."


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