Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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mayr Antriebstechnik expands management

The family company mayr Antriebstechnik is expanding its management team: Ferdinand Mayr has been appointed managing director.

Multi-generational management at mayr Antriebstechnik: Günther Klingler, Fritz Mayr and Ferdinand Mayr (from the left). (Photo: © mayr Antriebstechnik)

As a result, the fifth generation of the Mayr family has assumed responsibility for the company established in 1897. Ferdinand Mayr, the grandson of Fritz Mayr, will share the management role with Fritz Mayr, for his part the grandson of the company founder, and with Günther Klingler, who as managing director and CEO is in charge of the national and international activities of mayr Antriebstechnik.

Innovation and top quality

Ferdinand Mayr will in future be chiefly responsible for the digitalisation of the company, and together with CEO Günther Klingler, will manage the finances and strategic decisions of the Mayr Group.

"Since it was established in 1897 to this day, mayr Antriebstechnik has remained an independent family company. We have stood for innovation and top quality since we were founded. This is something we are proud of and adhere to, even if the world is changing fast and fundamentally," said Ferdinand Mayr.

"Therefore, I regard mastering the challenges of increasing networking, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 and exploiting the opportunities this offers as one of my most important tasks."

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