Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Weber Tec: Ready for the future

The Hamburg family-run company Weber Tec, specialist for the repair of escalator segments, has now expanded its business with additional staff and new machinery.

) Pleased about a complete second team: Mike Weber, authorised signatory at Weber Tec. (Photo: © Weber Tec GmbH)

According to the company, it intends to "set itself up on a broad, competent basis" with a completely new three-man team, another transporter and specially built additional machines. The members of the team are almost all from handicraft trades and had already been able to gather relevant experience in the maintenance and care of escalators.

Cope with the continuing demand

HandwerkThe specially developed machines had been designed for mobile use, as usual, and had all the equipment and material needed for fast repair on the spot, for which Weber Tec stood with its "EsCare" method. In addition, the equipment had undergone further optimisation.

Weber Tec hoped to cope with the continuing demand with the additional staff. "This is a complete second team, which will work on the orders assigned to it autonomously throughout Germany," said Mike Weber, authorised signatory at Weber Tec.

This would allow damage to be repaired faster so that the escalators affected could be put back to use again faster, explained Weber. "Moreover, the service expansion will allow us to serve several customers simultaneously."

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