Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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New managing director at BlueKit

Patrick Schweibl (40) was appointed managing director at BlueKit Factory GmbH on 1 July 2019. He has replaced Guy Stamet in his previous role at the head of the company.

Patrick Schweibl. (Photo: © BlueKit Factory)

Together with Christoph Kern, Schweibl will in future assume management of the innovative market leader in the field of lift shaft smoke extraction and ventilation. Patrick Schweibl can look back on many years of experience as sales director and COO at BlueKit.

Due to his professional background, he had extensive knowledge of the lift market, according to BlueKit Factory.

Greater degree of customer orientation and market proximity

Among other things, he had set himself two major goals for the coming years: on the one hand, synchronisation of the company with the digital and technical market requirements of the lift industry and a noticeably greater degree of customer orientation and market proximity.

“Today, almost every lift builder knows BlueKit – however, we aim for even more. Only when everyone is familiar with the added value of BlueKit solutions will we be satisfied with our work.”


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