Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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Discover the Galaxy and get to know the Cloud

"Discover the SafeLine Galaxy and get to know the Bosch Elevator Cloud" © under this motto SafeLine and Bosch Service Solutions, as a distributor and sub-exhibitor, invite you to their stand at the interlift.

(Photo: © Bosch Service Solutions)

Bosch Service Solutions presents the Bosch Elevator Cloud at the joint stand (Hall 3, Stand 3103). The presentation by Michael Bär, Senior Product Manager at Bosch Service Solutions, on Thursday at 14:30, at the VFA Forum in Hall 2, will deal with the functions, services and interfaces of the Bosch Elevator Cloud in the area of monitoring elevators.

With the new campaign "Discover our world", SafeLine intends to introduce the SafeLine Galaxy in Augsburg: "In addition, the launch of something new awaits you," explains the Swedish company.

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