Sunday, 23 February 2020
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The HydroElite Experience

At the interlift, Hydroware intends to underline "its current success story with a strong presentation." Visitors will be invited to pass through the "HydroElite Experience", an experience all their own.

Volker Hager, managing director Hydroware Germany, will be holding a talk at 11.00 a.m. at VFA-Forum on IoT solutions in the lift industry. There will be an after-work party at 6.00 p.m. on 17 October. (Photo: © Hydroware)

"The two-storey trade fair booth (Hall 7, Stand 7161) is a real eye-catcher, very modern, very inviting and in this sense very Swedish," explained Volker Hager, German managing director of the Swedish company, which according to him is the market leader for drive and control systems for hydraulic lifts.

Save up to 70 percent energy

The underlying idea: HydroElite is intended to provide comprehensive support, from project adoption and installation to technical support and customer service during the entire life cycle of the product.

"Hydroware sees itself as a value-oriented company, which guides people to a sustainable future," Hager emphasised. "The vision is to convert the thinking of the lift industry to recycling." This might have something to do with the company headquarters in the dense forests of Småland in Sweden. It often makes more sense to modernise an existing sturdy infrastructure than replacing the entire lift.

Moreover, with the drive and control system of Hydroware you can in addition save up to 70 percent energy.

New system: VICI

Apart from its current products VENI, VIDI and MRL, Hydroware will be presenting its latest product VICI at the interlift (market launch 2020). This new drive and control system is the "result of comprehensive industry experience in combination with clever engineering," according to Hager. The VICI drive unit, featuring the inverter drive developed by Hydroware and energy recovery during downward trips, would bring hydraulic lifts to the next development level.

The new H2 controller is developed completely for CANopenLift. With its web-based user interface and cloud connection, it provides the option to access the lift controller at any time on site and from any location.

"We’re sure VICI will impress visitors. It's another milestone of Nordic cutting edge technology in hydraulic drives and controllers," explained Hager, managing director of the German team with its new office in Ratingen (NRW) and an agency in Munich.

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