Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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The lift UPS rethought

A compact and maintenance-friendly complete solution with a LiFePo4 battery instead of many individual UPS: Rottweiler GmbH wants to launch a compact multi-talent in the form of the USV Lift 4500.

The Effekta USV Lift 4500 is a maintenance-friendly rethinking of the lift UPS. (Photo: © Effekta Regeltechnik)

This is an individual, compact and intelligently-managed lithium battery that assumes every function in the event of a power failure.

Travelling to the next station without an emergency stop in the event of a power failure, having enough power for all of the emergency and communication systems and being especially maintenance-friendly: “These are just a few of the many advantages of what will probably be the first lift UPS, which provides for all central emergency functions in the lift with a single battery and the matching clever controller,” according to Rottweiler Effekta Regeltechnik GmbH.

The new USV Lift 4500 was a worldwide first. The company intends to unveil it to the public at interlift 2019 (Hall 2, Stand 2027).

Continuing to travel despite a power failure

Alfons Wahl, specialist planner and expert from Planungsbüro Plan95 in Stuttgart, is full of praise for the new product of the company, which would as a result probably be the first to market a lift UPS that has so much power and so many functions as a single device with a compact design.

Handwerk“This means continuing to travel despite a power failure – with no emergency stop and low maintenance effort, since only one battery is involved for the entire lift system – no other batteries are needed at all, not even a small one. That’s really impressive,” Wahl noted in his summary of the Effekta innovation.

The UPS unit, which with its compact dimensions should be ideal for shaft wall installation, is fitted with a long-life lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Together with the controller, it can assume the functions of all of the batteries previously distributed in the car and shaft in the event of an emergency. Consequently, the drive, controller, emergency call, emergency lighting, ventilation or car light are also guaranteed in the event of blackout.

Decline of the battery immediately detected

Sudden braking to zero before battery-supported further travel to the next station takes over, which is often frightening for passengers, should be eliminated. Battery monitoring and communication via an optional interface to a monitoring centre is intended to ensure that any decline in the performance of the battery, which is designed for a service life of ten years, is detected immediately.

“High efficiency, a wide voltage input window and an almost ideal sine-shaped power release at power factor 1.0, make the USV Lift 4500 a real benchmark among lift UPS devices,” Effekta declared.

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