Sunday, 23 February 2020
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Wittur: Freedom of components

In its 1500 m² dedicated pavilion at the interlift 2019, the Wittur Cube / Hall 8, the Wittur Group is going to exhibit its range of components for lifts.

(Source: © Wittur)

Wittur will be presenting from automatic doors to gearless drives, from safety gears to cars, from modernization packages to special complete systems, under the slogan "Freedom of components".

The company intends to present "groundbreaking innovations" in the Wittur Cube: demos for data recording with electric safety gears, wireless connections, checking and setting Wittur door drives with a standard smartphone and trips in the Wittur digital car. Wittur’s most innovative products are to be exhibited in a controlled access area.

In the middle of the Wittur Cube visitors will be able to walk along the Wittur lift door portfolio in the central "doors avenue", from residential applications to the most sophisticated public and industrial products.

Gearless drive for residential applications

Wittur will for the first time be presenting in an exhibition the WSG-RF, an extremely compact energy-efficient gearless drive for residential applications, together with the complete range of Wittur reduced energy consumption gearless drives.

In the systems area, W line, Onyx, W line EQ will be three different lift designs on display. They use the best Wittur components and combine them into complete lift packages.

Wittur expertise and modernization solutions

The special components area is going to highlight solutions used in many interesting lift projects worldwide: Wittur inclined door, designed to open and close with an inclination of 30°; Hydra in ART execution, a door for architectural projects based on standard Hydra design; two special panoramic cars, where design meets technology.

A specific modernization area will show Wittur expertise and modernization solutions, including Fineline car door with restrictor.

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